Thursday, October 27, 2011

Plateau Formations

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I’ve reached a plateau.  If you read the above article by National Geographic, the definition of a geologic plateau is somewhat similar to my situation.  Over decades, forces have lifted up my adipose (fat) tissue and it’s been sculpted into mesas, buttes and canyons.  My butte has become quite massive.  My mesas are kind of lumpy, and my canyons, well, we’re in polite company here. 

The forces that cause a plateau seem to be enormous.  Magma erupts through the crust and forms large plateaus, like the Tibetan Plateau, or the Colorado Plateau.  I’ve just reached a previously unknown plateau (The Carlon Plateau) and the forces that have caused it are just as great.  Inactivity and Menopause.  Well, Perimenopause.  And the Internal Medicine Board.  I believe that the stressors to the plateau were definitely great. 

In the past, my buttes and canyons and mesas were easily worn down by decreasing my dietary intake and exercising.  I could lose twenty pounds easily.  I would lose at least 2 lbs a week and would be able to keep it off without any problems.  Unfortunately, the magma of menopause is fighting my metabolism.  (I always wondered why you got hot flashes-now I know!  It’s magma!)

According to the Mayo Clinic website: “In fact, some research suggests that gaining as little as 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) at age 50 or later could increase the risk of breast cancer by 30 percent.”

They stated that losing weight is definitely more difficult in the perimenopausal time frame.  Well, that just sucks.  I’ve reached 194 pounds and I’m stuck.  My clothes definitely fit better, and I feel better but I still am plagued by the American Board of Internal Medicine making me rush to finish a Patient Improvement Module or some such thing.  So, instead of free time to start exercising, I’m bringing home more and more work to do. 

The Mayo says that you have to become active.(needs improvement)  You need to decrease calories (done).  You need to have support.  (done--this blog is keeping me in line.  Thanks Guys!).  There is only one thing left to do. 

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  1. Wow!!! I went home and read them all, of course. They are all awesome, and really funny!
    I am sure your buttes, mesas and canyons will be worn down before you know it!