Friday, October 7, 2011

If You Eat THIS Food, You'll Live Longer

Does anyone else remember the Dannon yogurt commercial with the old Russian guys? I put the link above.
At that time, in the 1970's, no one was eating yogurt.  Let’s face it, it was gross.  It was sour milk in a gel form.  Dannon made it cool.  “Look! The Russian guys are living a really long time just by eating YOGURT!  Maybe we should too!”

Only they didn’t tell anyone that the old Russian guys were eating RAW goat or sheeps’ milk yogurt and the ones that survived the Brucellosis  from raw milk were the ones you saw! 

I was thinking about all of the diet fads we’re exposed to.   Daily, I hear about a new fad  to lose weight either by completely eliminating some food group, or by eating only one specific food group.

Juicing is one of my pet peeves.  Juicing involves taking perfectly good, high fiber, crunchy, tasty fruits and  vegetables, and putting them in a grinder and “juicing” them.  One ends up with SUGAR water.  Granted, it tastes lovely, or so I would imagine, but REALLY? REALLY! You’ve eliminated all the fiber, the stuff that keeps you full, and turned it into instantly absorbed sugar water!  Where’s the “healthy” in that?

There's the "Avoid all white food” approach.  Okay, I can see the logic in this one.  Get rid of white bread, potatoes, white rice, white pasta which are high glycemic index foods.  That sounds logical.  The problem is, cauliflower is white. ( I know, I’m missing the point.)  It IS better to eat brown rice, whole wheat high fiber breads, and to eat yams instead of white potatoes.  Here’s the thing.  You can still eat some of the "white" foods, but in smaller portions.  MY problem is white rice  portions.  I used to think a portion of rice was half the plate.  I was sorely surprised when I read about  portions, and 1 cup is a serving.  One cup of cooked pasta is a serving.  I have to say, that is not a lot of pasta.  I would be STARVING if that’s all the pasta I ate.

Then there was the Cabbage Soup diet (EUGHHH! How did these people keep friends?), the grapefruit diet, (Prilosec anyone?), The Atkins diet (whose founder dropped dead of a heart attack), etc. 

I really think that as a foodie, I would have a very difficult time even considering eliminating any one food group.

That said, I’ve lost 5 lbs so far in one week.  Woohoo!  I’ve done it by eating a balanced diet, not giving in to temptation (another topic for another day) and not eating out at all.  (a HUGE accomplishment!)  I haven’t avoided any one food group.  I’m drinking a ton of water, and I’m writing down what I eat and doing the Points(TM) system religiously.

Eventually, after the boards, I’ll try to find time to exercise.....Yech.

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