Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 1

Day 1:

My husband is in a panic.  What are you going to do?  I have certain things I like to eat!  You’re not going to stop me from eating what I like, are you? 

Fortunately, no.  We really don’t have such a bad diet at home.  There’s no soda, no chips, no cookies, no CRAP (as I call it) in the house.  We have a ton of fruit and high fiber snacks.  It’s the portions.  And lack of vegetables.  My husband likes crock pot all-in-one meals. On the weekends, we cook for the week.  He makes MASSIVE amounts of food but we all get sick of it on day 2.  So it rots.  Then we eat out, or eat other stuff. 

First thing to do --- Consult Weight Watcher’s web site and get up to speed on the new Points (TM) system.  It’s really different and perfect for me at this point in my life. 

Made a menu for the week.  Used the crockpot to make a pot roast yesterday, cooked some steel cut oats last night after soaking them, and this morning, added mashed bananas, brown sugar, and vanilla and milk to it just like the recipe on WW said to. 
Husband and kid both loved it.  Me too.

Made Salmon burgers for lunch for me and my daughter.  “These are the BEST SALMON BURGERS EVER, MOM!”  ( note: she’s never HAD salmon burgers before).  Used high fiber bread (Natural Ovens Whole Grain Bread), lots of mixed greens for lettuce, and dijon mustard.  Not bad, and I’m full. 

Now I have to get off my butt and start finding a way to exercise. 

I’m going to make a pasta salad  for the week and we should be all set for  the week.  I shopped to my menu.  I bought whole wheat Shredded Wheat for variety for breakfast, and Natural Ovens Blueberry Bagels.  More fiber. 
Hopefully this goes well.  I always do well the first week, then all my good intentions pave my way to , well, no where.  No, to a size 18.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Shopping List:
onions, garlic, green bell pepper, zucchini, squash, potatoes, mushrooms, baby carrots to eat(snack) and for pot roast. 
apples, bananas,
dried cranberries
whole wheat high fiber bread and bagels, whole wheat pasta. 
canned crushed tomatoes,
dried black beans,
lean cuisines, milks for school lunches.  nonfat yogurts (6 oz)
high fiber snacks (TLC bars, fiber one bars)

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