Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The "Brussel Sprouts Incident"

My sister and I were talking yesterday about the time my mother got a bug up her butt that my sister HAD to eat the  brussel sprouts she’d served at dinner one night.  We think my sister may have been about six years old or so at the time of the “Brussel Sprout Incident”.  It was an early sign of things to come because my mother hadn’t counted on my sisters ability to be so obstinate.  Who feeds a six year old brussel sprouts and really expects them to LIKE them?  It takes introducing a food to a kid about 10 times before they like it, or so I’ve read. ( My kids will eat just about anything).  My sister refused to eat them.   Mom insisted.  Mom said she couldn’t leave the table until she’d eaten them.  Mom left her in the kitchen and turned out the light after we’d finished dinner, leaving her in the dark with her brussel sprouts.  “Even the dog wouldn’t eat them!”, she told me.  She sat there in the dark for 3 hours until my mother dismissed her to bed.  My sister still hates brussel sprouts.  (And she’s still obstinate).

 I suspect that brussel sprouts give her PTSD. 

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