Thursday, August 30, 2018

Been Gone A While. Here's What has Happened...

I have been gone a while.
Lost my writing mojo. BUT I haven't been just sitting around doing nothing.
I rejoined Weight Watchers and lost 25-30 pounds, depending on the week.
I joined Krav Maga Illinois and learned Israeli Combat Self Defense. I became BAD ASS.
At least I thought so until I kept getting hurt. I hurt my neck this last time and that scared the hell outta me.

I took swimming lessons at the local college in the spring semester. (Spring in Chicago? Really? Not.)
My husband and I took swimming at the YMCA locally this summer- that was fun.

I taught myself how to pressure can tomatoes, tomato sauce and spaghetti meat sauce. I have owned my pressure canner for several years and was terrified to give the family botulism, but I, in my usual manner, read and read and read, and decided to start with tomatoes since they are almost acidic enough to water bath can. If you add lemon juice to the canning bottles, they ARE acidic enough. Pressure canning takes less time though. So that was cool.

I've been making lots of jam. Plum was the new one this year. I made peach, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, and apricot.

I taught myself how to make yogurt. It's really easy and it tastes better.

My eldest left for college. He's going back in a week or two. It was weird not having him here.
HOWEVER, the towels in my house weren't all used up though. That kid can use more towels in a week than the local hotel.

My other child is becoming an artist and wants to become an animator and by gum, I think she can do it. She's really good.

I'm still in Scouts. It's "Scouts" now, not Boy Scouts. My son aged out of the program, but I really enjoy going to the meetings, and serving on the Troop Committee as the Chairman. We got to go to Northern Tier several years ago, and this year...Sea Base. I'm not going. I get seasick and vertigo, but the boys and their parents are. Looking forward to our first camping trips. I am the First Aid teacher.

I plan to get back to DoctorDiva writing. There are lots of topics to cover for my patients and myself.

I'v got my writing mojo back --I hope, anyway.

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