Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Aid and CPR

Boy Scouts, CPR and First Aid Training

Once again, I am going to discuss Boy Scouts, but I want to thank Brittany Jones, a Red Cross teacher who came to our troop last night and taught all the boys and their parents and leaders CPR.

CPR, or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, is a skill that every single person who is able to get down on the floor on their hands and knees, should learn. The Red Cross trains more than 9 million people in life saving skills a year.

Why CPR?

CPR could save your family member’s life. CPR could save YOUR life.

CPR courses teach you how to do CPR and how to use an AED –Automated External Defibrillator. These are machines which can “shock” a person’s heart back into rhythm. Seconds count when someone’s heart has stopped. AED’s are found in schools, airports, and many private businesses. It is important that all people using AED’s be CPR certified. Also, it is important that the batteries be checked and the AED’s be periodically checked that they are functioning.

The more people who are CPR certified, the more people could be saved. You may be depending on a stranger to save your or a family member’s life. It’s not just enough that YOU get certified, but to encourage as many people as you can to get certified.
Many businesses are giving employees a bonus if they get certified.

Our troop spent the last month learning First Aid. We were preparing for a First Aid Meet, and I am happy to announce that we tied for second place out of 7-8 participating troops.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the boys though. They took this on and really got prepared. They can be first responders in an emergency. They know how to assess a scene for safety; how to call 911 and what to say; how to assess the people injured and triage them. They know how to do splinting and bandaging, how to make a stretcher, how to do a 2 man carry, how to treat snake bites and insect bites. They know to check for Medic Alert bracelets. 

Last year, in 2014, the TV journalist Ann Curry, was hiking in NY State when she broke her ankle. A Scout Troop from New Jersey (Yeah! New Jersey!) came upon her and asked her if she was okay. She wasn’t, and they splinted her ankle, and made a stretcher to bring her down off the treacherous path to get to safety and help. The boys had been training for this as part of their normal rank advancement, and they knew what to do.
See this blog post by Bryan on Scouting about it:

If you haven’t already, consider donating to either or both, the Boy Scouts of America, and the American Red Cross.

Below are photos from the First Aid Meet. 
Chicago Fire Department sent a First Responder Team of Firemen/EMT's and a Paramedic to the First Aid meet to show the boys their Trucks and EMS equipment. 

Thank you to the Chicago Fire Department Engine Company 78 for coming out and working with our Boy Scouts. 

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