Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scale Died. RIP

Once again I’m having issues with my scale.  You may recall that several weeks ago, I bought a brand new digital scale to record my weight as I go through the process of making big lifestyle changes.  I personally found this to be a difficult process.  My old scale was so much kinder to me.  It was like your husband.  When I’ve asked him, “Do I need to lose weight?  Am I fat?”  He always wisely and kindly said things like, “I love you just the way you are!”    Only once did he deviate from his usual non-answer and say, “You know, tight clothes aren’t flattering.”  My old scale underweighed me by ten pounds.  It was like a friend. It said,  “You’re okay!  You’re not THAT fat.”

My new scale was like a drill sergeant.  It was digital.  It was stark.  It had decimal points.   It screamed at me and said things like, “Your OLD scale would say you’d lost a whole pound, when in fact, you only lost 0.4 lbs.” 

My new scale died.  I can’t even believe it.  It was a month old and it died.  I put new batteries in it and it cannot be revived.  Is it because it was mean?  I think I’ll bring it back to Target and see if I can get a replacement.  I don’t have the box or the receipt, but the sticker is still on it that says, “Tap here and wait for the 0.0 before weighing”.  I hope they take it back. 

It’s so weird, but I feel lost without it.  I even have had the passing thought that I could CHEAT now and no one would be the wiser!  It’s like when your teacher leaves the classroom to answer a phone call or to go to the bathroom and the entire class erupts into a loud chattering which promptly stops when she returns.  I am in the “talking when you’re not supposed to “ phase of not having a scale. 

Measurements are SO important.  I had NO idea how much so.  Having that feedback is really important.  I COULD weigh myself at the office, but I think the staff might frown on me standing naked in the middle of the office on the scale.

My mission this week is to get a new scale and to stay on the straight and narrow path of eating well.  I had the kids hide the Boy Scouts Triple Chocolate Popcorn from me.  My son was taunting me this morning.  “Don’t you want to know where the popcorn is, Mom.”   
“Oh, come on.  Guess where it is!  Just guess!”
“No.  I really don’t want to know.”
“Yes you do!”
“No I don’t.  You can dole out 1 cup of the popcorn for me and then I can stop.  If it’s out, I’ll just keep eating it.” 

I think he was disappointed.  The kids seem to want me to fail.  I don’t get it.  It could be because we’re not eating out much anymore. They’re going through pizza withdrawal. 
As long as the Triple Chocolate Popcorn is out of sight.....


  1. Blame the children. That's what they are there for. They broke the scale and they force feed you brownies and Triple Chocolate Popcorn. Hey mine got me out of an overdue library book at the local library that would have cost $71.98 in fees. The lady was quite understanding about lazy teenagers. Now, lazy mothers without discipline? Hmmm...... another whole deal entirely. Not quite so believable.

  2. My new scale seems to be weighing me lighter, that is it was before all of the Halloween candy. I saw a Facebook video of my 87 year old aunt working out at Curves. I will work out today!

  3. @ Brandy, Yes, I often blame the kids. Isn't that what they're there for ? At Cindy! Wow! 87 years old at Curves? Man. That hurts.