Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yesterday was a  “fail” as my kids call it. 

It didn’t start out that way.  I was doing GREAT.  I ate a fabulous breakfast of shredded wheat with some granola and craisins and skim milk.  At lunch, I ate a salad with a tiny bit of lasagna on the side. 

Then----DUH, duh, DUH----I caved in to the brownies. 

This started a downward spiral.  I got home and had no time to really eat a meal before schlepping off to my son’s Boy Scouts meeting.  So I snacked on some yogurt (Fage yogurt is unbelievably good if you haven’t tried it) and pretzel chips with hummus. 

Okay-not bad, right?  If only I’d stopped there. 

I got home at 8:30 and instead of stopping, out came the leftover shrimp in lime and butter sauce and more pretzel chips and hummus.  I went WAY over my points yesterday.

This is what I like about Weight Watchers.  They KNOW you’re going to have epic failure days.  They build in extra points for the week so if you screw up, you haven’t really blown it.  They count on your being human and having bad days and add in a buffer zone of extra points for the week to “splurge” on. 

Normally, I only use a few of these extra points a week.  This week, well, I suspect I won’t lose any weight because I have used more.  But I’m still writing everything down and watching.  I figure that this is a process.  Mark Twain said that he thought quitting smoking was easy!  He did it thousands of times!  That’s kind of like making this change.  I’ll start over every single day.  If I mess up one day, Oh well!  I’ll just try again tomorrow.  There’s no sense making myself miserable because then I’m doomed to fail from a sense of overwhelming guilt.  Guilt will kill this whole project. 

One Day at a Time also applies to giving up alcohol amongst other things, and counting on your support group to keep you in line.  Thanks support group!


  1. Brownies from Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head NJ do it to me every time. More fudge than cake. Stay strong. You have my support as long as I can have yours. And keep me away from Muellers.

  2. Will do. Or, hmmm.. I wonder if I could add a Mueller's brownie into my points!